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Baby Stroller Types

When you are ready to purchase a baby stroller, you’ll need to decide which type of stroller will best fit your strolling needs. The baby stroller has evolved to include several different design features since it was first constructed. Take a look at A History of Baby Strollers to learn how the design of the stroller has progressed. Today there are several stroller types available on the market, and each is designed to meet the specific needs that different parents have.

We’ve provided a breakdown of the most common stroller types to help you decide which will be the best fit for your family.

Pram/Carriage Strollers

A traditional style pram is the perfect type of stroller for taking leisurely walks through the neighborhood with your newborn. Prams are also referred to as baby carriages by some manufacturers. The fully reclining seat of a pram allows your newborn to lie flat as you stroll. Some models can also be converted in toddler strollers so that parents can continue to use them as their children grow. Shop Pram/Carriage Strollers.

Standard Strollers

If you need a durable stroller with a sturdy frame that can be used on a basis then you should consider a standard stroller. Most standard strollers feature fully reclining seats, which allows them to be suitable for use from your child’s infancy throughout toddlerhood. Standard strollers are easiest to push and steer when they are used on smooth surfaces like mall floors and sidewalks.Shop Standard Strollers.

Lightweight Strollers

A lightweight stroller is a great stroller option for traveling or running errands since they weigh less than 12 pounds. Most lightweight strollers do not offer a fully reclining seat so they are best suited for children who are l year of age or older. Since lightweight strollers are typically less expensive than most other stroller types, many parents find them to be an excellent choice for their second stroller. Shop Lightweight Strollers.

Umbrella Strollers

If you are looking for an inexpensive stroller that is also compact and lightweight then an umbrella stroller is likely to meet all of your stroller needs. Their small size and simple design makes it effortless to navigate them through narrow walkways. Additionally, umbrella strollers are by far the easiest strollers to store since they can fit into most any vehicle trunk when folded. Shop Umbrella Strollers.

Jogging Strollers

A jogging stroller is the ideal stroller choice for parents who are serious joggers or runners. With a lightweight frame and air-filled tires, a jogging stroller is able to provide your child with ride on almost any surface that you choose for your daily run. The emergency wrist strap on a jogging stroller ensures your child’s safety by preventing the stroller from getting away from you during your run. Shop Jogging Strollers.

All-Terrain Strollers

While at first glance an all-terrain stroller may seem to be the same as a jogging stroller, it is actually designed with a different type of use in mind. The swiveling front wheel of an all-terrain stroller provides parents with a 3-wheeled stroller that is easier to steer and maneuver than a jogging stroller is. This increased maneuverability makes it a great stroller choice for parents who need one stroller that can be used in outdoor situations as well as in malls and other shops. Shop All-terrain Strollers.

Combo Strollers

A combo stroller is an ideal stroller choice for parents who want a versatile stroller that can be used for their child’s infancy and throughout toddlerhood. A combo stroller consists of a toddler stroller base and a coordinating infant bassinet. Most combo strollers include high-end extras such as extra seat padding and cup holders as well as convenience features like adjustable height handles. Shop Combo Strollers.

Travel Systems

When traveling with a newborn, travel system can be the most practical stroller option for parents. A travel system includes a compatible infant car seat and a toddler stroller in one system. Since the infant car seat can be used for car travel and snaps into the toddler stroller base, it makes traveling with a sleeping newborn easier for parents. Once your child graduates from the infant seat, you’ll be able to use the toddler stroller on its own. Shop Travel Systems.

Bike Trailers

A bike trailer is the perfect stroller option for parents who want to take their children along while they are bicycling. Since children are completely covered when riding in a bike trailer, they are considered as safer alternative to the child bicycle seats. Some bike trailers provide parents with versatility by converting into a walking or jogging stroller as well. Shop Bike Trailers.

Double Strollers

For parents of twins or those with a toddler in tow when the new baby arrives, double strollers are often the best stroller option. Since they will hold two children comfortably, double strollers make it possible for one parent to take both children on outings. Double strollers are available in lightweight, traditional and jogging options. Shop Double Strollers.

Triple Strollers

With a dependable triple stroller, traveling with triplets or three small children is more convenient. Triple strollers are available in several styles including lightweight, umbrella, standard and jogging. The right triple stroller can make it possible for one parent to get out of the house with all three children. Shop Triple Strollers.

Quadruple Strollers

A quadruple stroller can make life a little easier for parents of quadruplets. Since four children can ride in one stroller together, a quad stroller can make it possible for one parent to run errands or enjoy an outing with all of the children. Shop Quadruple Strollers.

Typically one stroller type will meet all the needs that parents have; however, there are times when parents’ needs are so varied that two stroller types are needed to suit all possible strolling situations. Once you have determined which stroller type will be best for your needs, use our Stroller Comparisons and Stroller Reviews can help you to select the perfect brand and model. If you need a little guidance to determine which stroller will be the best fit for you, take a look at our Stroller Buying Guide and article How to Choose the Right Stroller for Your Family.

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