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Secondhand Strollers

Purchasing all the items you need for a new baby can become expensive. Luckily when it comes to an item like a stroller some secondhand models can serve you and your child just as well as it did the first family. If you are considering using a secondhand stroller whether it is being given to you by someone or you are purchasing it, there are a few things that you should looking into before using the stroller.

When considering a secondhand stroller, be sure to:

  • Check to ensure that the wheels are still rolling smoothly
  • Check to see if the frame is still sturdy
  • Test the stroller’s brakes
  • Look closely for any damage like sharp edges or uncovered springs
  • Verify that the stroller hasn’t been recalled by the manufacturer

You should also find out the age of the stroller. In general, strollers that are 10 years old and older are not considered safe for use. The plastics used to make the stroller begin to deteriorate at this age and the model may not comply with the current safety standards or regulations such as lead testing. If you need more information about stroller safety, take a look at the article Stroller Safety Guidelines and Stroller Safety Tips for Parents.

Keep in mind that although the stroller’s manufacturer’s warranty may have expired, you might still be able to purchase replacement parts for the stroller. If someone wants to give you a stroller with wheels that have seen better days, you may be able to buy new wheels and expand the life of the stroller.

If you are purchasing a secondhand stroller, be sure to do your research and find out the original sale price. This is the only way to find out if you are getting a good deal by buying the stroller secondhand. You’ll also need to factor in shipping costs if you are purchasing the stroller online. When research is done ahead of time, many parents often find that they are paying the same amount for the stroller as its original price when shipping and replacement part costs are factored into the total.

Special Consideration Required for Travel Systems

If you are considering a secondhand travel system, you should be aware that different regulations and standards exist for car seats. While the stroller may be in good working condition the car seat may not be the safest option for your child.

Lengthy exposure to extreme temperatures and UV rays while in the car tends to weaken and breakdown the plastic parts of the seat. Additionally, if the car seat was involved in an accident, it may have incurred structural damage that is not visible to the eye. To ensure that your child is as safe as possible, you should not purchase or use a secondhand car seat unless you know the age of the car seat, its history of use and its recall status.

Even though the stroller has been used by one set of parents who enjoyed it, you should still consider checking reviews written by other parents to determine if the stroller will work for you as well. Check out parent submitted Stroller Reviews at Strollers Direct.

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