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Stroller Safety Tips that Every Parent Should Know

As a parent, your child’s safety is undoubtedly your top priority, and when you choose to use a stroller, there are many more safety aspects to consider. Before using your stroller, you should familiarize yourself with and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and weight restrictions.

The first and most important stroller safety guideline is to never leave a child unattended in a stroller even if he or she is asleep.

To ensure that your child remains safe at all times while in his stroller, you should always adhere to the following safety precautions.

Stroller Safety Precautions


  1. You should always use the stroller seat belt or safety harness. When choosing a stroller, a 5-point safety harness is a better choice than a 3-point harness. A 5-point harness consists of two straps at the shoulders, two straps at the hips and one at the crotch.
  2. Be sure to lock the stroller wheels when you are parked to prevent it from moving unintentionally. A single one-foot-one-time braking system is the easiest to use type of brake to use. Also, keep in mind that your child should not be left unattended in a stroller even if the brakes are engaged.
  3. Since most strollers provide storage space, it is easy to safely store your bags and belongings in the stroller’s provided storage basket or compartment. Hanging bags and purses off the strollers handles can cause the stroller to tip and endanger your child.
  4. When buying a stroller, choose a model with a wider base because it will be less likely to tip when your child leans forward while seated.
  5. While folding and unfolding your stroller keep small fingers away to ensure that your child is not pinched by the stroller. You should also be sure to always use your stroller’s locking device to prevent any accidental folding while in use.
  6. When using a jogging stroller, you should be sure to use the included safety strap to ensure that the stroller does not get away from you while jogging or running. Although many manufacturers state that they are safe to use with younger infants, jogging strollers are safest when used with babies who are one year of age or older.
  7. If you notice that your stroller has a safety defect of any kind, you should immediately discontinue use of the stroller and call the manufacturer. You can also file a product complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  8. Sending in the product registration card that comes with your stroller ensures that your warranty is in effect and that you will be informed in the event of a product recall. When you shop at Strollers Direct, you’ll receive the security of knowing that our Automatic Recall Alert System will notify you if a recall is issued for your stroller.
  9. One of the best ways to ensure your child’s safety when riding in his stroller is to purchase a model that meets or exceeds the basic safety standards for strollers. By choosing a stroller that is safety certified, you will guarantee that certain safety precautions are taken before you even begin to use your stroller.
  10. If you decide to purchase or borrow a secondhand stroller, you should still be sure to research the safety of the stroller. Prior to using a hand-me-down stroller or purchasing a used stroller, take the time to research the specific model for recalls and manufacturing defects.


To learn more about the current safety standards for baby strollers, be sure to check out our Stroller Safety Guidelines. If you need help choosing a stroller, take a look at our articles Dad Friendly Stroller Features and Which Stroller is Best for Your Lifestyle to help narrow your search.

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